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What to wear!

This is definitely a question that I get asked regularly! And its a topic that I have been meaning to write a blog about for while! Its a very important question because the photos from your shoot will end up on your wall and you will have to look at them numerous times a day! Trust me you will regret it if you don’t put some thought into your outfit.

In terms of styles and colours to go for? Firstly don’t all wear white with jeans! This reminds me of one of those example photos you get when buying a photo frame! However Whites/creams/beiges/greys etc do look lovely especially in pretty flowing dresses or nice shirts. You can still go with these shades mixed together. And if you want to break them up a little, have dad in a pair of brown or navy chinos with his white shirt, or wear some nice coloured shoes with some accessories.

I always advise to stay away from logos, clashing colours and loud patterns. However it is ok to have one person in the group wear a nice soft pattern and then work everyone else’s outfit around that. But too many patterns will clash and also just looks distracting. If you are going for colours choose 2-4 that work well together.

Another option is to choose one or two colours that coordinate well together and have everyone wear different shades of this colour. I had one family do a shoot on the beach and they all wore different shades of blue’s and greens that worked very well together and they looked just gorgeous. Navy is always a good colour to use because its easy to find and looks good on males and females. It also works beautifully with pinks, with mustard and also with creams and beiges.

Another thing to think about is the season you are doing your photos in and the location. If in spring or summer beautiful soft creams/whites/pinks and light blues may work really well. In autumn or winter maybe some navy and mustard or dark greens together or rich dark reds and maroons. If you are going for a dark moody location you can add some colour or go with soft creams etc to have a nice contrast. For an open paddock you can get away with most colours. If you are going with a location that is busy, choose simple outfits with no patterns that are less distracting. Studio photos look great with classic and more formal styles.

In regards to shoes you have a few options. If you are struggling to find something for everyone, just go with no shoes! This always looks good with almost any outfit. Nice boots always look good and can work with a variety of outfits. A great pair of heels are always a winner in any location (apart from maybe the beach!) One tip though…..leave the runners at home!

I do understand that getting photos taken can be expensive and you don’t necessarily want to go spending a lot more on the clothes. For this reason I do stock some outfits in my studio especially children’s and maternity outfits. I am more than happy to lend these to you for your shoot. Op shops are another great place to look. I have found some amazing pieces for shoots and my own wardrobe while op shopping and its also lots of fun! Or perhaps you have a friend that has a great dress you can wear or you can have a scroll through marketplace.

One thing I always advise is to lay all your outfits/shoes accessories out together and you will get a really good idea of how they look together. This is something I always do before I take photos of my own family and it makes it so easy to see if my choices will work. Make sure you dress up even if you don’t often do this because you want to look your best! But still stick with a style that is you. Have some fun getting ready, these photos will last a lifetime! Wear clothes to flatter your shape. If you don’t like your arms for example then wear sleeves. Put some effort into your hair and make sure make up is natural. Don’t wear too much otherwise it can look orange in the photos. Keep your outfits classic and timeless and make sure everyone dresses in a similar style.

I hope this helps and gives you a few tips to look fabulous for your next shoot! Here are a few examples to help as well.

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