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Eloise, Calisthenics photos

Meet Eloise a very talented and exceptionally flexible 7 year old from Ballarat. Dancer with Sovereign Calisthenics college. And my niece! When we visited for the Christmas holidays I knew I had to take the opportunity to combine her fabulous dance skills with the beautiful architecture in Ballarat. I decided on the Ballarat Railway station for one spot and my sister suggested Hop Lane for the second location. Both locations provided perfect backdrops for us and I wish I could transport both these places back to QLD and shoot there all the time! We had three attempts to get this shoot done. The first one was cancelled due to a bout of gastro. The second time we pulled into the carpark and my husband called to tell me my son had just broken his arm! Luckily the third time was successful just two days before we left. My two girls came along for the fun and to get some behind the scenes footage for me. All the girls had a great time. Poor Eloise had to do her splits on the bridge many times because every time we started to shoot, a train arrived and we had all the passengers crossing over. We got the photo in the end however and then we all had some fun attempting to do Eloise’s clubs (and failing)! Hop Lane was next and Eloise had some very interested passer-by’s that were very impressed by her skills. After some more twirling and bridges and leg lifts we had some amazing photos.

The shoot finished with all girls having a big piece of cake at a nearby cafe which is the way every good shoot should finish!

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